Faculty Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee – Faculty, has to guide the Institution’s Alumni Coordination by the different Committees, in Organising the activities concerning Alumni and ensure that the Vision and Mission of Celebrating the Success of the CBIT Alumni and Rejoicing the Reunion.

The Members are:

  1. Prof. P. Ravinder Reddy, Principal, CBIT
  2. Prof. A D Sarma, Director, R & D
  3. Prof. P. Sreenivas Sarma, Director Student Affairs
  4. Prof. R. Sreedhar Rao, Director, AEC& CoE
  5. Prof. K. Krishnaveni, Director, Student Progression
  6. Dr. N L N Reddy, Director, CDC
  7. Dr. A. Sandhya Reddy, HoD, English Dept.
  8. Dr. S. Saraswathi – SMS
  9. Dr. Yadavalli Rajasri – I/C Head, Bio-Tech.