Webinar on Latest Trends in Radar Systems

Admin | May 24, 2021

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, R&D Centre In association with IETE Student Forum ( ISF) Organizing a Webinar on

Topic Latest Trends in Radar Systems
Guest Speaker Prof. HS BHATIA, Chairman of IMAPS -I

Former Chairman, Institute of Defence Scientists and Technologists (IDST) Bangalore Region

Immdt. Past Chairman, IETE-Bangalore Centre

Venue Google Meet,
Date 27 May 2021
Time 02:00 – 03:00PM


The webinar focuses on description and operation of CW, FM CW and Moving Target Indicating Radar systems, Radar Wave form design, different types of tracking radars. And also, on practical experiences in design and development of first ever indigenous pulse compression based Naval Surveillance Radar, dual frequency tracking radars, Central Acquisition Radar, and multimode radar systems. This webinar also gives you on guiding the students in knowing the career opportunities in armed forces.

About the Speaker

Prof. HS BHATIA is B. Sc (1965) and B.E. Sc (1968) in Telecommunication from the JABALPUR University. He has done his M.Tech (1979) from IIT DELHI with specialization in RADAR and Communication Engineering. He served LRDE, a pioneer DRDO Lab Bangalore for 35 years and contributed significantly in Design and Development of many, Technology Rich RADAR SYSTEMS for Armed Forces, such as

  • First ever Indigenous Design and Development of Pulse Compression Based Naval Surveillance RADAR
  • Dual Frequency NAVAL Tracking Radar for Tracking of Sea Skimming Missiles against sea clutter and multipath adversaries.
  • 3D Central Acquisition Radar (3D CAR)
  • Multimode Radar for LCA (TEJUS)

After retirement in June 2004, he was Prof and HoD (Dept of ITE) in KNSIT Bangalore for 10 years. He is Active member of a large number of Professional Societies such as IEEE, Fellow IETE, Life Member of ISOI, ISSS, SEE and IMAPS- India

Faculty Coordinator

Sri.T.Sridher, Asst Professor, Sri.P.Ranjith, Asst Professor

Student Coordinator

Deveeka Ravi, Yashmitha Jain, Srihari Datta, K Varun

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