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The concept of sustainability assumed paramount importance ever-since the construction industry began to generate the first building assessment systems with almost equally weighted environmental, economic, and social aspects for office buildings over their life cycles. Resilience is connected to the occurrence of extreme events during the life-cycle of structures and infrastructure systems. Hence, it’s necessary to minimize the direct and indirect losses from hazards through enhanced resistance and robustness of civil infrastructure. Resilience and sustainability combine structural analysis with social, economic aspects that depend on techniques for the life-cycle analysis and decision making. Both these approaches aim to optimize a civil infrastructure system, with respect to structural design, material utilized, maintenance plans, management strategies, and impacts on the society. Since sustainability and resilience are complementary to each other, they should be used in an integrated perspective for risk assessment.

Though our current standards are outstanding for engineering the asset for strength and life safety, something above these standards is required for resiliency, sustainability, and long-term impact.
We, the Civil Engineers have to be leaders in the task of changing our approach so that any outcome that is not resilient is not acceptable as an engineering outcome. Leadership is required in holistically planning, designing, and managing sustainable and resilient infrastructure systems and their interactions.
In the 21st century, we are faced with escalating economic and human devastation from various types of disasters, and it’s the need of the hour to improve the resilience of infrastructure and create smarter infrastructure systems to protect critical lifelines that help us recover after a disaster. At this juncture, this international conference addresses emerging approaches to infrastructure systems focusing on resilience and sustainability of infrastructure such as structural, geo-technical and water interactions in urban environments. The conference is aimed to providing a platform for all the stake holders of construction industry to deliberate on the themes of the conference and make suitable recommendations to enhance the efficiency in industry.

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