Department Computer Science and Engineering (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning )

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The theory and development of computer systems that can perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation and interpretation are formalized as AI.


 Machine learning is a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building.

The adoption of artificial intelligence/ Machine Learning (AI/ML) is growing worldwide.  Organizations worldwide are adopting AI/ML in their business transformation journey for agility, resilience, innovations, and scalability

With this backdrop, CBIT offers a four-year under-graduate B.E(CSE with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning ) for laying a strong foundation by using the principles and technologies that consist of many facets of Artificial Intelligence including logic, knowledge representation, probabilistic models, and Machine Learning.

Students shall be able to acquire the ability to design intelligent solutions for various business problems in a variety of domains and business applications and also explore fields such as neural networks, natural language processing, robotics, deep learning, computer vision, reasoning, and problem-solving.

            This program is best suited for students seeking to build world-class expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and emerging technologies which help to stand apart in the crowd and grow careers in the upcoming technological era.


Program Education Objectives (PEOs): After the completion of the program, our:

  1. Graduates will apply their knowledge and skills to succeed in their careers and/or obtain advanced degrees, provide solutions as entrepreneurs
  2. Graduates will creatively solve problems, communicate effectively, and successfully function in multi-disciplinary teams with superior work ethics and values
  3. Graduates will apply principles and practices of Computer Science, mathematics, and science to successfully complete hardware and/or software-related engineering projects to meet customer business objectives
  4. Graduates will have the ability to adapt, contribute, and innovates ideas in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning or productively engage in research


Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs): At the end of the program

  1. Graduates will Acquire the practical competency with emerging technologies and open-source platforms related to the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  2. Graduates will have the ability to adapt, contribute and innovates ideas in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  3. Graduates will be able to successfully pursue higher education in reputed institutions and provide solutions as entrepreneurs
  4. Graduates will be able to work in multidisciplinary teams with career growth by exhibiting work ethics and values