Department of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI&ML)

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Dr. R. Madana Mohana

Professor and I/c Head – Department of CSE (AIML) & AIML

The branch of CSE-AIML & AIML is devoted to rendering undergraduates with a rigorous technological education that is innovative and of the highest calibre. The most thriving field today is artificial intelligence and machine learning, where cutting-edge education programmes convey knowledge of revolutionary innovation. The department’s faculty and non-teaching staff are dedicated to ensuring that our students are prepared for success in our contemporary society by giving them the knowledge and skills in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and related disciplines.
The world is in the midst of a significant transformation due to Industry 4.0. which is characterised by intelligent, autonomous systems propelled by AI and machine learning, the world is undergoing a significant change. The engineering institutions are committed to produce qualified engineers in these promising fields. The institute has begun a four-year B.E. programme in CSE-AIML with 60 seats. This program focuses on traditional core subjects of CSE with the specialization in AIML. The institution has realized the importance of core AIML after seeing the promising prospects for engineering graduates in this field and introduced the graduation B.E. in AIML with 60 seats. The syllabus for the department of an Autonomous institution is created with guidance from renowned Industries and academic institutions. The course’s topics covered ideas that are backed up by modern laboratories. Keeping in mind the speed of change in technology, syllabus is also reviewed every 2 years to minimize the gap between the industries and the education field. Students will participate in a variety of multidisciplinary, holistic development tasks that will enhance their knowledge, skills, and professional ethics. Engineers with knowledge and expertise in the field of artificial intelligence are in high demand across a variety of sectors. According to research, artificial intelligence could generate 58 million new employments in the coming years.