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AY 2017-18
International Journals


  1. T. AravindaBabu and K.S.R.S jyothsna, IOT based smart vehicle and smart parking system International Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology (IJEET), Vol. 9, Issue 3, pp 121-136, May – June 2018 UGC Approved (N0:43685) Impact Factor :8.1891
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  26. Shakira Begam Shaik, Anil Gantala, P Anjaneyulu, “An Elegant Method for Delay Estimation in Mobile Applications” Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems, Vol 9, Issue 2 , Nov 2017.


International Conferences


  1.  J. Rajeshwar Goud, N. V. Koteswara Rao and A. Mallikarjuna Prasad, “Edge cut Dual-Band Slot Antenna for Bluetooth/WLAN and WiMAX Applications”, Accepted for oral presentation in ICSCSP- 2018, 22-23 June 2018, AISC Series, Springer Publication ISSN:2194-5357.
  2. P. Sathish, D. Krishna reddy, A.D Sarma and K. Sudarshan Reddy “Investigations of Doppler Collision Effects on NavIC” 2018 3rd IEEE international conference on Recent Trends in Electonics, Information & Communication Technology (RTICTE-2018), S.V college of Engg. Bengaluru, 978-1-5386-2440- 1/18/$31.00 Copy right 2018 IEEE, pp.2324-2327, 18-19 May2018.
  3. Kavitha Devireddy, Naveen Kumar P and A.D. Sarma, “Performance Evaluation of IRI-2016 Model Using IRNSS Data over a Low Latitude Station: Preliminary Results” IEEE ICITE 2018, Osmania University, Hyderabad 11-13 Apr.2018.
  4. MohdQurram Javeed, A.D. Sarma, A. Supraja Reddy, T. Sridher, N.V. Koteswara Rao and Tarun Kumar Pant, ‘Multipath and Thermal noise free Relative TEC Estimation using IRNSS L5 and S1 Signals’ IEEE ICITE 2018, Osmania University, Hyderabad 11-13 Apr. 2018. (Best PaperAward)
  5. GinkalaVenkateswarlu and A D Sarma, ‘Analysis of PDFs of Ionospheric Scintillation Index Data due to Low Latitude Station’ IEEE ICITE 2018, Osmania University, Hyderabad 11-13 Apr. 2018. (Best PaperAward)
  6. A.Supraja Reddy, Assistant Professor “Performance Evaluation of Mixed-Pair method of Estimation of Ionospheric Gradients on IRNSS L5 Signals”, International Conference on Innovative Technologies in Engineering (ICITE 2018), Osmania University, Hyderabad, 11-13 April 2018.
  7. G. Mallikharjuna Rao, P. Srinivas Rao, Performance Analysis of Different Spatial Domain Methods for Traffic Control Using Image Processing: A LabVIEW approach” International Conference on Wireless Communications Signal Processing and Networking (WISPNET 2018), 24th Mar’18.
  8. Sri. G. Mallikharjuna Rao, K. Deergharao,”Performance Analysis of Different Transform Methods for Image Steganography: A LabVIEW approach ” has been accepted for Oral presentation at the 4th International Conference on Electrical Energy Systems (ICEES-2018) to be held in SSN College of Engineering, Chennai, India during 7 – 9 February2018.
  9. T V V Satyanarayana, G V Pradeep Kumar,“Wavelet Packet: A Multirate Adaptive Filter for De- noising of TDM Signal” IEEE International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Computers, Communication, Mechanical and Computing (EECCMC) during 28th – 29th January, 2018 Organized by Priyadarshini Engineering College, Vellore,Tamilnadu.
  10. A.V. Narashimha Rao “A Comparative Study of Popular Image Compression Methods Based on Bits per Pixel: A Survey” in IEEE International Conference on ‘Electrical, Electronics, Computers, Communication, Mechanical and Computing’ (EECCMC- 2018) at Priyadarshini Engineering College Chettiyappanur, Vaniyambadi, Vellore India on 28 Jan – 29 Jan2018.
  11. N. Alivelu Manga, K. Lakshmanna, A.D. Sarma , N.V. Koteswara Rao and TarunK.Pant, ” Effect of Amplitude Scintillations on the Tracking Error of IRNSS Receiver for Indoor Navigation Applications” IEEE International WIE Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (WIECON-ECE)2017, 18- 19 December 2017, WIT, Dehradun, India,978-1-5386-2621-4/17
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