Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering

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Professor and Head – Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering

The department strives to train and empower our students who will make the world a better place by making use of engineering principles, techniques and systems. To that end, considerable initiatives have been taken to establish good laboratories in the areas of Electronics, Communication, Microwave, Digital Signal Processing, Microcomputer, Embedded and VLSI design with required hardware and simulation softwares. In addition, an exclusive research laboratory is established in the department in the area of Navigation and Communication. Two IRNSS receivers, which are granted by the ISRO Govt. of India, are installed in this research laboratory.

Here, the students are provided with greater exposure in the core areas of Electronics & Communication Engineering as compared to the students admitted in a similar program at other institutes of the state. The students are also encouraged to participate in the technical activities apart from the regular curriculum.

CBIT has been listed as one of the Nodel Center under the Outreach Program of Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS), ISRO, Dehradun.  Through which interested faculty and students can register for online course offered by IIRS, ISRO, Dehradun.

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