Dr. B. Sreedhara Rao
Qualifications : B.TECH,M.TECH,Ph.D.(Chemical Engineering)
Experience : 33 yrs
Area of Interest : Heat Transfer, Unit Operations,Industrial Process Safety, Process Instrumentation, Surface coatings
Contact : —
Mail-ID : hod_chem@cbit.ac.in Phone No :8019565296


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Publications –

  1. B Sreedhara Rao, R C Sastry,” Simulation Studies on Wavy And Chevron-corrugated Plate Heat Exchangers Using Fluent”, International Journal of Mechanical Engineering, Volume 2, Issue 5, pp: 61 – 66, Nov 2013, ISSN(P): 2319-2240; ISSN(E): 2319-2259

2.B Sreedhara Rao, Varun S, M V S Murali Krishna, R C Sastry,” Experimental Studies On Pressure Drop In A Sinusoidal Plate Heat Exchanger: Effect of Corrugation Angle”, International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology, Volume 3, Issue 2, pp: 122 – 126, Feb 2014, ISSN(P): 2319-1163; ISSN(E): 2321-7308


Dr.R. Sreedhar Rao
Qualifications : Ph.D
Experience : 30 yrs
Area of Interest : Environmental Engineering
Contact : 040-27791178
Mail-ID : rampally59@gmail.com Phone No :9866589027


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  1. Published a paper on ‘Determination of External Mass Transfer Model for Hydrolysis of Jatropha Oil Using Immobilized Lipase in Recirculated Packed-Bed Reactor’ in Advances in Chemical Engineering and Science, 2011, 1, 289-298
  2. Published a paper on “Assessment of lead in Amdhuri and Shikarghat reservoirs of Nanded district, Maharashtra”, Bulletin of National Institute of ecology, New Delhi vol – 12, Dec 2002 pg no. 37-40


Mr. V. Ananth Kumar Thimmarusu
Qualifications : M.Tech(Chemical Engineering)
Experience : 25 yrs
Area of Interest : Chemical Engineering (Mass Transfer Operations)
Contact : 7013360225
Mail-ID : ananthakumar_chem@cbit.ac.in Phone No :7013360225

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Student Publications(National and International) Under the Guidence of V.Ananthkumar Thimmarusu, Associate Professor,sponsered under the catogeroy of TEQIP


The students Mr. Sai Kumar Bitta, Miss Varsha, published a paper entitled an “Isobaric Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium OF Binary Mixture OF 1,2,-D-chloroethane with 1- heptanol at 95.72 kPa in the International journal of Research in Engineering and Technology(IJRET), ISSN: 2278-0181, Vol 3, Issue 5: May 2014.)”


The students Ms. Jyothi Nori and B.N.S. Anurag of IV/IV, published a paper entitled an “Experimental Study on the Absorption Capacity & Resuability of Cotton and the effect of salinity on Crude Oil Fractions on Sea Water (Bay of Bengal)” in the International journal of Research in Engineering and Technology(IJRET) E-ISSN:2319-1163, Vol 3, Issue 7: July 2014.


Dr. Naga Prapurna
Qualifications : PhD
Experience : 22
Area of Interest : Chem. engg.; Environmental Engg., Process control, Modelling and simulation
Contact : 8466997206
Mail-ID : naga.prapurna@gmail.com Phone No :9885256057


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Journals –


1              Naga Prapurna, Viswanatham M, “Kinetics of Industrial Solid Waste as a New adsorbent for Removal of Non-biodegradable Pollutants”, IOSR Journal of Environmental Science, Toxicology and Food Technology, Volume 10, Issue 1, 2016, pp: 1-11, ISSN: 2319-2399.

2              Impact assessment of industrial discharges on the receiving water bodies in two major industrial estates of Hyderabad city – a case study, Journal of Industrial Pollution Control, 23(02), pp 277-281, 2007.


Mr.N.L.N. Reddy
Qualifications : M.Tech(Chem. Engg.)
Experience : 31
Area of Interest : Chemical Engineering
Contact : —
Mail-ID : nlnreddypo@gmail.com Phone No :9849466587


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Achievements –

1              As per “OUTLOOK Magazine” 17.07.2006 edition CBIT Ranked 31st in the country and First in Andhra Pradesh in number of Placements.

2              Participated in The Summer training Program for the Staff –“Jeevan vidya” attended Sri. N.L.N. Reddy, T &po., on 11 & 12 June, 2012.


Mr. I. Bala Krishna
Qualifications : M.Tech(Chemical Engineering)
Experience : 14yrs
Area of Interest : Chemical Engineering
Contact : —
Mail-ID : binguva@gmail.com Phone No : 9440450622


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1              Conducted National Seminar Chemspark’12.

2              Incharge of Mineral Water Plant.

3              Member,Board of Governance,CBIT.


Qualifications : M.S-Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH, USA (Chem Engg, 2003)
Experience : 10 yrs
Area of Interest : Chemical Engineering
Contact : —
Mail-ID : m.kalyani@cbit.ac.in Phone No :9885308069


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Mrs. P. Madhuri
Qualifications : M.Tech (Chem.Engg.), (Ph.D)
Experience : 10 years
Area of Interest : Chemical Reaction Engg,Sugar Technology,Bio fluid mechanics & Heat Transfer
Contact : —
Mail-ID : madhuri26222@yahoo.com Phone No :9490701489


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1              Presented paper on”Optimization of kraft cooking process” at International conference held at IICT,Hyderabad on 10th &11th,Nov 2014

2              Presented paper on”Study of pulp characteristics after kraft cooking”at ‘WOOD IS GOOD’ conference organized by Institute of wood science & Technology at IISC Banglore on 21st&22nd November,2014


K Prasad Babu
Qualifications : B.Tech(Chemical Engg), M.Tech, (Ph.D)
Experience : 09 Yrs
Area of Interest : Chemical Engineering,Mineral Processing ,Advance Seperation Procesess
Contact : Department of Chemical Engineering,CBIT,Hyderabad.
Mail-ID : kprasadbabu_chem@cbit.ac.in Phone No :6304598984



Presented Paper on “Beneficiation of High Grade Copper ore by using microbe mineral surface Interaction”, National seminar on Mineral Processing of fine Particles,November,2009.

Presented Paper on “A Study on Copper Ore by Using Flotation Techniques and microbe- mineral surface interaction”at International Conference held at NIT,Warangal,2013 and sam was published.


Dr.P.Swapna Reddy

Qualifications: Ph.D.

Experience: 05

Area of Interest: Advance Process Control, Multiobjective Optimization, Process Modeling and Simulation

Contact: Flat G-4 SDM Apartments ,C R Colony ,Secunderabad.

Mail-ID: psr.swapna@gmail.com

Phone No :9618779996


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P. Swapna Reddy, K Yamuna Rani and Sachin C Patwardhan, “Multi-objective optimization of a Reactive Batch Distillation process using Reduced order model”, Computers and Chemical Engineering, 2017, 106, 40-56. Impact factor: 3.024

Reddi Kamesh, P. Swapna Reddy and K Yamuna Rani, “ Comparative study of different Cascade control configurations for a Multi product Semi batch polymerization reactor”, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 2014, 53, 14735-14754. Impact factor: 2.843

Dr.Ganesh Botla

Qualifications: P.h.D

Experience: 10 Years

Area of Interest: Process Dynamics & Control, Process modeling & Simulation

Contact: Chemical Engineering Department

Mail-ID : callganni@gmail.com   Phone No :9701443474




Ganesh, B., Rani, K.Y., Satyavathi, B., Venkateswarlu, Ch., “Development of kinetic models for acid catalyzed methyl acetate formation reaction: Effect of catalyst concentration and water inhibition”, Int. J. Chem. Kinetics., 43, 263-277 (2011).

Ganesh, B., Rani, K.Y., “Modeling of batch process using Explicitly Time dependent Artificial Neural Networks”, IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning systems, Vol.25, No.5, PP: 970-979, May 2014.



Tangirala Rama Krishna Aditya

Qualifications      : M.Tech

Experience          : –

Area of Interest   : Heat Transfer ,Process Control

Contact   : Flat No 301,Sri sai fortune Heights

Mail-ID    : tangiralaaditya@gmail.com  Phone No: 8121760545


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