CBIT boasts of a highly educated faculty who are not content with just providing run-of-the-mill education to the students. They want the CBIT-ians to surpass mediocrity by a fair margin. For the faculty, CBIT is truly a second home and a giant repository of high-brow intellectual pursuits.Every department can proudly claim that it has multiple PhD holders. Highly intelligent and multi-talented, the faculty does not wait for the academic council or any external bodies to give them direction on how to approach the art of instruction – they are initiative takers. They believe in constantly viewing and reviewing course materials and other pedagogical elements.

At CBIT, teachers strive to become the leaders the students want to emulate and grow into in the future.This is in confirmation of their unabashed bias towards the ultra-modern, for technologists must necessarily keep a foot in the future while being firmly rooted in the present, to not just stay relevant but ahead. And at CBIT, the faculty grooms not only students but develops itself in such a way so as to become trendsetters through cutting-edge research that creates ripples and shockwaves in the world of technology.