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Audio Visual Centre

English Department also offers a wide range of learning techniques that aim to hone the English language skills of students. The two centres, under the Audio-Visual Centre are the CALL and ISL. The Computer-Assisted Language Learning or the CALL strives to bridge the digital divide by providing all of the students with equal access to technology-aided education. The Interactive skills learning or ISl attempts to sharpen certain skills of students through activities such as group discussions, role-play activities, and the like. The Audio-Visual centre ensures that every student, irrespective of their background, is treated equally in terms of the equipment and learning techniques that they have access to, making the entire class subject to the good outcomes of the faculty’s hard work. The students are provided with accent neutralization training, a deeper understanding of phonetics, and several other real-life skills like interview and presentation skills. The lessons are not limited to merely theoretical jargon; the students are encouraged to practically display and improve their skills by taking part in group discussions, putting up skits that involve role-playing, and making presentations. The takeaways that the students receive from these activities benefit them greatly in terms of placements and competitive exams. The final objective is to mould these students into confident orators, writers, and leaders. They are able to transmute these skills into real-life skills making them a lot more confident in the corporate fields, their areas of work, interpersonal communication, as well as day to day communication. These activities aim to improve the students’ fluency in the English language and ensure that they graduate with the confidence they require to communicate in this day and age.