Almanac 2021-22 for B.E/B.Tech I and II Semesters Dated 27-11-2021

Revised Almanac for V to VIII Semesters of B.E. B. Tech. Dated 17-11-2021

B.E. BTech III and IV-Sem Almanac Date 15-09-2021

BE BTech V to VIII Sem Almanac Dated 27-07-2021

Almanac 2021-22 dated 10-07-2021

Almanac UG I and II Semesters 2020-21-dated- 24-03-2021

Revised BE/B.Tech III to VIII Semesters (2020-2021) dated 25-01-2021

BE/B.Tech I and II Semesters 2020-21 dated 17-11-2020

Revised BE/B.Tech III to VIII Semester (2020-2021) dated 12-11-2020

Revised BE/B.Tech III to VIII Semesters (2020-2021)

Revised Almanac of BE/B.Tech II, IV, VI and VIII Semesters

BE / BTech 1st year(1-Sem & 2-Sem)

BE / BTech 2.Yr (3-Sem & 4-Sem)

BE / BTech 3.Yr (5-Sem & 6-Sem)

BE / BTech 4.Yr (7-Sem & 8-Sem)



Almanac III & IV Semesters dated 12-10-2021

Revised Almanac of ME &M. Tech. dated 15.04.2021

Revised ME/MTech I to II Semesters (2020-2021) dated 26-12-2020

Revised ME/MTech III to IV Semesters (2020-2021)

Revised Almanac of ME/M.Tech II, III and IV Semesters

ME/MTech 1st year(1-Sem & 2-Sem)

ME/MTech 2.Yr (3-Sem & 4-Sem)



MBA III SEM (2021-22) Almanac dated 03-11-2021 

MCA III SEM (2021-22) Almanac dated  03-11-2021

MCA – V & VI Sem Almanac, Dated 27-07-2021

Revised MCA I to II Semester (2020-2021) dated 26-12-2020

Revised MBA I to II Semester (2020-2021) dated 26-12-2020

Revised MCA III to VI Semester (2020-2021) dated 12-11-2020

Revised MBA III to IV Semester (2020-2021) dated 12-11-2020

Revised Almanac of MCA  II, IV and VI Semesters(2020-21)

Revised Almanac of MBA  II  and IV Semesters(2020-21)

MCA 1st Year

MCA 2nd year

MCA 3rd Year

MBA 1st Year

MBA 2nd year