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Library Rules


  • Silence  & Cleanliness should  be strictly maintained  in & around the Library & Information Centre
  • After obtaining the Institute Identity Card, all the Students are advised to apply for the Library Membership in a prescribed application form, which is available at library Information Desk.
  • All the UG / PG Students are eligible to borrow / Loan Four (4) Books from the Circulation section for a Period of 14 (FOURTEEN) Days.
  • All the Post Graduate (PG) students are also eligible to barrow One(1) Back Volume of a Journal for a Period of 3 (Three) Days.    Defaulters will be charged Rs.10/- (Ten) per day or withdrawal of the card.
  • All the Students / Staff should clear the dues to obtain  a NO-DUE Certificate from the Library & Information Centre.
  • While borrowing the Books / Journal, the User  is ADVISED to Check and ensure that the Book(s) / Back Volumes of the Journal is / are in PROPER condition.  If any Page(s) are MISSING or  DAMAGED,  inform the same to the Library Staff on Duty.
  • The students should get the borrowed  books / Journal CHECKED OUT and cooperate with  the staff member at the EXIT GATE. to verify  the Check-Out details
  • Avoid making Pencil / Pen Marks, Underlining, or any other type of Damage to the Book(s) / Journal .  If any such things  are noticed at the time of returning the books, the Borrower will be held  RESPONSIBLE.
  • In case the Book is lost, the Borrower has to REPLACE the LATEST EDITION of  the Lost Book. If the Book is not available, the  Borrower has to pay the COST of  the Book as per the Library Rules
  • Borrowers should RETURN the books  ON or BEFORE  the Due Date.  Defaulter will be fined Rs.1.00 (one rupee) per day.
  • Book Bank facility is available for SC, ST Students.  Students belonging to the respective group can make use of these Banks.
  • Book Bank Books will be Issued only at the Beginning of the Semester and the same will have to be returned at the end of the semester.
  • REFERENCE BOOKS  &  CURRENT JOURNALS are NOT for ISSUE  and they should be referred  WITHIN  the Library & Information Centre only.
  • WATCH the Notice Board of the Library & Information Centre  every time you visit.
  • Visit the Library & Information Centre website for more information on Library Resources, Services and Activities.
  • Consult the Library Staff on Duty for any other Information or Clarification.
  • Utmost Co-operation, Proper Communication, Discipline and Conduct are always solicited.
  • If you have any Suggestions and Problems in the Library & Information Centre,   Please See the LIBRARIAN in person or send the E-mail to :  or