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B.E/B.Tech V SEM Biotech


Subject code Subject Name Faculty Name
18BT C15 Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer Dr. Y. Rajasri
18BT C16 Enzyme Technology Dr. Sanjeeb Kumar Mandal
18BT C17 Genetic Engineering and rDNA Technology Dr. V. Aruna
18BT E01 Core Elective I: Virology Dr. C. Obula Reddy
18BT E03 Core Elective I: Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology of Humans Dr. V. Aruna
18BT E04 Core Elective II: Environmental Biotechnology Dr. C.  Nagendranatha Reddy
18BT E05 Core Elective II: Developmental Biology Mrs. A. Shalini
18MB C01 Engineering Economics and Accountancy Dr. K. Sowmya
(SMS department)
18BT C18 Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer Lab Mrs. S. Sumithra, Dr. R. Ilamathi
18BT C19 Enzyme Technology Lab Mrs. Y. Vineetha
18BT C20 Genetic Engineering Lab Dr. V. Aruna