The CBIT Difference

We’re talking Career Defining Education.

Over the course of 42 years CBIT has grown in leaps and bounds but today we believe that our students and faculty have made us more vibrant, engaged and innovative.

Our alumni hold positions of power across industries, our research has had impact on technologies that can be found on Earth and Space! Our current students are determined and self-aware. They are thinking not just about their field of study but also about sustainability, ecology and overall welfare of the society. Putting their knowledge to tackle real-world issues which scare the best of us.

Building on our motto of self-enlightenment, we strive to make sure each student of CBIT is nurtured in a way where they become a force to recon with. When our students step out in the World, they are not merely working for a pay check, they make sure their work is helping the community around them and beyond. You can find a CBITian in any and every industry around the World striving to do better for their company, community and mankind as a whole.

When a CBIT Student roars, the World pays heed because at the end of the day nothing speaks louder than the success of our graduates from the past 42 years.

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