Building Maintenance:

  • Departmental Heads or the concerned in-charges make a requisition to the Principal regarding the maintenance of buildings and infrastructural facilities. Then it is forwarded to the project Engineer. The Project Engineer submits the detailed proposals to the Infrastructure Committee after the physical examination of the buildings and facilities.
  • The Infrastructure Committee headed by the Chairperson, discusses the same and sends the proposal to the President or GB for the administrative approval when the expected expenditure is more than Rs. 1, 00,000. After receiving the approval from the President, the Project Engineer or respective in-charge obtains quotations and submits the comparative statement to the D&P.
  • As per the minutes of the D&P Committee, the works will be taken up as per the directions of D&P within the shortest time possible.
  • If the proposed expenditure is less than Rs. 1, 00,000/-, the Principal in consultation with the President may give approval.
  • Requisitions can be made to the Principal by the HODs/in-charges regarding furniture and it is duly forwarded to the Purchase in-charge/Administrative Officer.
  • The Administrative Officer/in-charge discusses with the President and takes necessary action.
  • The Project Engineer and in-charge looks after the maintenance of the campus, rest rooms, roads and neatness of the entire premises.


  • The maintenance Committee is headed by the Principal and is convened by the Convener, who in turn monitors the work of the in-charge at the next level.
  • The in-charge is accountable to the Principal/Coordinator who organizes the workforce for various duties viz.
    • Individual floor-wise responsibilities
    • Maintaining duties and work timings
    • Leaves
    • Periodic checks to ensure the effective functioning of the infrastructure
  • Adequate housekeeping staff is employed to maintain hygiene and proper infrastructure that provides a congenial environment.
  • Dustbins are placed on every floor.
  • The green cover of the campus is well maintained
  • Purified water is provided with RO units at different places of the campus.

Hygiene and Sanitation:

  • Cleaning personnel clean the washrooms 3 to 4 times a day, using disinfectants, detergents and naphthalene balls.
  • Care is taken in providing and maintaining exhaust fans on a regular basis.
  • These activities are monitored by the supervisor/in-charge.


  • Institute uses non-dust chalks and white board marker pens
  • Cleaning classroom and furniture.
  • The class in-charges and supervisors monitor the work and the attenders lock the classrooms. Log book pertaining to the attendance of cleaning personnel are maintained by the Project Engineer.

Laboratories, Equipment Maintenance:

  • Laboratories of all departments are well equipped and maintained regularly to avoid discrepancies in the academic schedules. The in-house maintenance & repairs and AMC personnel are addressed by the respective department lab assistant/Computer Operators who are qualified and trained.
  • Maintenance of the equipment is done on a regular basis.
  • Department attenders, under the supervision of lab assistants, clean the lab equipment daily.
  • Periodical checkups and calibration of equipment is done in all laboratories.
  • Stock verification is done in all laboratories every year.


  • Library is maintained by the Librarian with Jr. Asst. assistant and Team. The process is monitored by the Library Committee.
  • Library maintenance is computerized and automated.
  • Library updates its book repository on yearly basis as per the changes in the Syllabi and requirements. Inputs from student and faculty are taken in the prescribed format and discussed in the Library Committee.
  • Library procures/subscribes/renews the required journals and resources on a regular basis.
  • The library committee meets once in three months to upgrade and procure any additional and general books, both technical and non-technical.
  • long with the central library, the Individual departmental libraries maintains the books
  • The students and staff can access the subscribed online journals and other e-resources with the institute access permissions either in the campus or outside the campus.
  • Regular cleaning of the library floors, racks and maintaining the quality of the books with needed binding are in place.
  • Pest control of library books and records I done every year by the maintenance department.
  • Proper inspection and verification of stock takes place at the end of every year.

IT Maintenance:

  • IT maintenance team along with the AMC personnel monitor, maintain and resolve the issues including hardware trouble shooting, software installation, maintaining Biometric devices, Surveillance and network related issues.


  • Two qualified physical directors (one lady) are on rolls to look after the day-to-day games and sports activities of the institute. Outdoor games such as cricket, volleyball, ball badminton, tennikoit etc. are encouraged.
  • A permanent basketball court with R.C.C. slab is provided.
  • A separate indoor games facility with wooden floor is provided for playing shuttle, table-tennis, caroms and chess is provided and is being used by the students regularly.
  • Newly constructed facilities like games room, gymnasium and recreation-cum-reading halls, guest rooms for both girls and boys are in place.
  • The gym and other equipment servicing is taken up as and when required under the supervision of the physical director. The playgrounds are always kept ready and for students’ and staff utilization.

Other Facilities:

  • For the optimum working condition of all properties, equipment on the campus is ensured through Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC). The AMC includes for UPS, Computers, CCTV cameras, Fire and Security services.
  • Apart from the contract workers, the institute has trained in-house electricians, carpenters and plumbers.
  • The campus maintenance is monitored through surveillance cameras.