M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering

The M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering at CBIT is tailored for the computer enthusiasts who are interested in not just preparing themselves for a successful career in the IT sector, but who want to take their knowledge to the next level. This is why this department seeks those who have a research-centric mindset and an undying thirst for learning new skills in the domain of computer engineering.

PEOs of M.Tech (CSE) Program: On completion of the program, M.Tech(CSE) graduates will be able to:

  • Practice their profession with confidence and global competitiveness by making intellectual contributions.
  • Pursue a life-long career of personal and professional growth with superior work ethics and character.
  • Engage in research leading to innovations/products or becomes a successful entrepreneur.

POs of M.Tech (CSE) Program

Program Outcomes (POs) describe what students are expected to know or be able to do after completion of the program. For M.Tech(CSE), by considering the Program Educational Objectives, the following six POs are defined in consultation with Course Coordinators and Program Assessment Committee keeping in view department Vision, Mission, and PEOs:

  • Apply the principles of Computer Science and Engineering to the appropriate problems
  • Investigate, analyze and formulate solutions to the complex real-world ¬†¬†¬†problems
  • Demonstrate the use of modern tools and techniques in the field of Computer Science
  • Work with multidisciplinary groups in a collaborative manner to develop sustainable inclusive technologies
  • Communicate effectively and develop self-confidence and lifelong learning
  • Possess leadership, project management, and financial skills with professional ethics.

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