A student will be eligible to get UG Degree with  Additional Minor Engineering in a discipline other than one’s own, if he/she completes an additional 20 credits, in addition to basic degree 160 credit requirement. These additional 20 credits can be acquired through MOOCs.


  • By opting for Additional Minor Engineering, the student shall earn at least Twenty (20) additional Credits of Professional Courses. These additional credits shall be acquired through MOOCs from the list of courses for Minors, prescribed by the respective departments.
  • These additional Twenty (20) Credit Courses shall not be part of the regular Curriculum and these courses must be approved by the respective department BoS.
  • Additional Minor Engineering is open to all current Engineering/ Technology Undergraduates who have taken admission under AICTE Model Curriculum i.e., for the Students who have taken admission on or after 2018-19 Academic Year.
  • Student must ensure that the he/she shall earn these additional Credits before the completion of the regular Course.
  • It is the Student’s responsibility for registering the Courses through ONLINE and the required Registration Fee shall be borne by the respective Student.
  • Student shall be permitted to take a maximum of 2 theory courses / courses equivalent to 6 credits during any semester for additional learning towards Additional Minor Engineering curriculum.
  • By the end of April of every academic year, respective departments will notify the list of equivalent courses in SWAYAM-NPTEL MOOCs / other standard MOOCs against the courses listed in the Curricula of  Additional Minor Engineering programme(s) offered by their departments.
  • Department can propose a new course(s) if any of the listed equivalent course(s) are not available in MOOCs.


Departments offering Additional Minor Engineering

Department NameAdditional Minor EngineeringEligibilitySyllabusYear Wise Course List
Computer Science and EngineeringI. Computer Engineering
II. Computer Vision
III. Cloud Computing
IV. Cyber Security
V. Internet of Things
Students from any other branch Other than CSE.A.Y 2022-23
A.Y 2021-22
Electronics and Communication EngineeringI. Communications and Networking
II. Embedded Systems & IoT
III. Signal Processing
Students from any other branch Other than ECE.A.Y 2022-23
A.Y 2021-22
Information TechnologyI. Information Security
II. Artificial Intelligence
III.Data Science
IV. Augmented Reality- Virtual Reality
Students from any other branch Other than IT.Even SemesterA.Y 2023-24
I. Artificial Intelligence
II. Data Science
III. Augmented Reality- Virtual Reality
IV. Information Security
Students from any other branch Other than IT.Odd SemesterA.Y 2023-24
A.Y 2022-23
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringI. Electric Vehicles
II. Sustainable Energy
III. Renewable Energy
Students from any other branch Other than EEE.A.Y 2023-24
A.Y 2022-23
A.Y 2021-22
Mechanical EngineeringI. 3D Printing and design
II. Manufacturing & Robotics
III. Mechatronics & Nano technology
Students from any other branch Other than MECH.Syllabus(3D Printing and design)
Syllabus(Manufacturing & Robotics)
Syllabus(Mechatronics & Nano technology)
A.Y 2023-24
A.Y 2022-23
A.Y 2021-22
Civil EngineeringI. Construction Management & Administration
II. Environmental Engineering
Students from any other branch Other than CIVIL.Syllabus 2023-24A.Y 2023-24
A.Y 2022-23
A.Y 2021-22
Chemical EngineeringI. Material ScienceStudents from any other branch Other than Chem. Engg.A.Y. 2022-23
A.Y. 2021-22
BiotechnologyI. Biochemical Engineering
II. Bioscience and Bioengineering
Students from any other branch Other than BiotechnologyView Courses