B.E in Information Technology

With the growing importance of computers, it has become a must for corporations in any sector to have on board IT engineers who are highly skilled and adequately trained in the intricacies of Information Technology. From managing hardware to latest innovations like cloud storage and server systems that house millions of Terrabytes of data, the IT engineers from CBIT are well equipped to solve any IT challenge with finesse.

B.E. Information Technology course is a specialized sub-domain of computer science which focuses on the real time applications. It is aimed at transforming engineering aspirants into qualified professionals who are capable of meeting the demands of the industry both technically and academically. The academic curriculum is designed in such a way that students will be able to become Technopreneurs.
This program covers engineering subjects and technologies like Computer Networks, Web-Based Applications, Artificial Intelligence, Embedded Systems, Security, Data Analytics etc.
IT industry is seen as one of the carriers of the economy. In this regard students of IT Program are placed well in reputed Organizations such as Microsoft, Oracle, JP Morgan and many more with good CTC.
Students who wish to continue studies after completion of their B.E. in IT degree can pursue M.Tech. Degree in Information Technology, MS. Program in Foreign Universities, and can do any Certification courses.

REVISED PEOs AND PSOs  w.e.f  AY 2020-21

Graduates of IT will be able to:
1. Analyze and provide solutions for real world problems using state-of-the-art engineering, mathematics, computing knowledge and emerging technologies.
2. Exhibit professional leadership qualities and excel in interdisciplinary domains.
3. Demonstrate human values, professional ethics, skills and zeal for lifelong learning.
4. Contribute to the research community and develop solutions to meet the needs of public and private sectors. Work in emerging areas of research and develop solutions to meet the needs of public and private sectors.

After successful completion of the program, students will be able to:
1. Contribute to the growth of the nation by providing IT enabled solutions.
2. Develop professional skills in the thrust areas like Computer Networks, Image Processing, Data Mining, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Information Security.
3. Pursue higher studies in specializations like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Cyber Security and Software Engineering in reputed Universities.

PEOs & PSOs up to AY 2019-20


  1. To impart students with skills required to analyze real world problems using state­-of­-the­-art engineering, mathematics and computing knowledge.
  2. To provide students with effective problem solving skills which enable them to research and develop solutions to meet public and private sector needs.
  3. This program inculcates professional ethics, communication skills, zeal for lifelong learning and adaptability towards emerging tools and technologies.
  4. The graduating students of Information Technology will be enriched with professional leadership qualities to excel in interdisciplinary domains.


  1. Acquire knowledge to pursue higher studies in specializations like Computer Networks, Software Engineering, Data Analytics in reputed  Universities.
  2. Develop professional skills in the thrust areas like image processing, Data Mining, Networks, Embedded Systems and Information Security.
  3. Contribute to the growth of the nation by providing IT enabled solutions.

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