• To provide the best facility, infrastructure, and environment to students, and faculty members.

  • To develop Organizational skills , core competence and ethics in first year engineering students ,to grow as true professionals for achieving success in life.

  • To play the role of mentors to undergraduates through advising them in research.

  • To teach students the value of cross-disciplinary thinking by providing them with educational and research opportunities between chemistry and other fields of study.

  • To promote innovative curriculum development while exposing students to advanced instrumentation and technology.

  • To apply various instrumental methods to analyze the chemical compounds and to improve understanding of theoretical concepts.

 Teaching Staff - Qualifications and skill upgrades 

S.No. Parameters 2018-19
1 No.of Doctorates in Chemistry 8
2 Total Teaching Staff 8
3 No.of Professors 1
4 No.of Assoc. Professors 1
5 No.of Asst. Professors 6


  • Qualified, committed and motivated faculty members
  • Good infrastructure in the department.
  • Well trained technical staff.
  • Good Scopus index publication by the faculty.
  • Well equipped labs and instruments with latest.