The R&D Centre, with its State-of-the-Art Infrastructure, has been established to promote Research and Innovations amongst the Faculty and Students by identifying new Research Areas, developing Projects leading to Publications, Products, Innovations and Start-Ups. The primary focus will be on the Time and Cost bound Projects sponsored by Government, Public, Private, National and International Agencies and Autonomous Bodies. To achieve results on these sponsored Projects within the acceptable timelines, the Centre has been structured into Sectional Areas for streamlining its functioning in different Technology Domains. The Sectional Areas will together cover all the Disciplines/ Inter Disciplinary Topics in which the Institute has expertise.

A Research Council has been formed with Experts from these Sectional Areas with the following broad responsibilities:

  1. To Advise Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy on emerging Research Areas of Strategic importance for the Institute

  2. Organize the Selection and Technical Review Committees (consisting of Experts from within and outside the Institute) for Institute Grants.

  3. To undertake Sponsored Research Activities in various Technology Areas

  4. To provide Leadership in Technology Domains in various Sectional Areas.

The  Research Council will lead the Institute towards developing large Scale Research proposals. The Centre holds periodical Reviews on the progress of the Research being carried out on the Sponsored Projects and Ph. D Work. The Centre guides the young Researchers for the preparation of Proposals, writing the Papers, writing the Documentation for Patent filing and initiating Student Start-Ups. The Students are divided into Groups to work on the prototypes which lead to participate in Hackathons and to apply for the Start-Up Company.

We encourage the Students to inculcate the Entrepreneurial Spirit for this is indispensable for producing Leaders who have the enthusiasm and energy to start new Ventures and explore new Horizons in Business, Technology, Medicine, Research and other areas. We have set up infrastructure for Incubation and Start-Ups for Students and Faculty to undertake experimentation on different Ideas and Products.