A webinar on “Building product portfolios through innovation”

Admin | January 27, 2021

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Hyderabad Section, IEEE Education Society Chapter, In Association with R&D Centre and ECE Dept. of CBIT and IEEE CBIT SB, Presents a Webinar on “Building product portfolios through innovation” (New Product Creation & Commercialization)



In this talk, Sri. Shankar will speak about how a new product is created and commercialized with new innovative technologies. Shankar will share (through a recent product he developed as an example) how customer-centric innovations create value and commercial success for organizations.


About the speaker

Sri. Shankar V. Achanta did B.E (EEE)from CBIT and received his M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University. He joined Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (SEL) in 2002 as a hardware engineer, developing electronics for communications devices, data acquisition circuits, and switch-mode power supplies. He is recognized as an innovator with 20 awarded patents in the field of power systems and communication technologies, placing him in the top 10 inventors at SEL. He currently holds the position of R&D Engineering Director at SEL. He’s also featured in The Everyday Innovator Podcast.




Date: 30 January 2021, Saturday

Time: 09:30 AM- 10.45 AM (IST)


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Chapter Leadership


Dr. Y. Vijayalata


IEEE CBIT SB Coordinator:

G.Mallikharjuna Rao


Event Coordinators:

Dr.M.Balasubba Reddy, R&D (CBIT)



Dr.A.Supraja Reddy, R&D (CBIT)