A Webinar on “Building product portfolios through innovation”

Admin | February 4, 2021

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Hyderabad Section, IEEE Education Society Chapter, In Association with R&D Centre and EEE Dept. of CBIT and IEEE CBIT SB, Presents a Webinar on “Building product portfolios through innovation” (product lifecycles & portfolio management)



Smt.Monika will speak about product lifecycles & portfolio management. In this talk, Monika will discuss the various stages of the product life cycle. She will share what factors decide a product’s transition from one stage to the other. Each of the life cycle stages requires different strategies to maintain product success and provide the best customer service. We can strategies and execution plans to maximize product success in every stage of the product life cycle.Successful portfolio management helps companies to make efficient use of their resources and also serve their customers better with segmentation. Overall, in this talk, Monika will share the importance of product life cycle management and portfolio management for a company to better serve their customers.


About the speaker


Smt. Monika Murugesan did B.E (EEE) from GCT, Coimbatore and received her M.S. in Computer Engineering from Arizona State University and Executive MBA from Washington State University. She is the V.P of product management, Global Energy Company, USA. She is the keynote speaker and Adjunct Professor at US State Universities. She is the founder and CEO of a Product Management Consulting company by name APEX Specialist LLC, that coaches individuals and institutions on product management.




Date: 06 February 2021, Saturday

Time: 09:30 AM- 10.45 AM (IST)


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Chapter Leadership


Dr. Y. Vijayalata


IEEE CBIT SB Coordinator:

G.Mallikharjuna Rao


Event Coordinators:

Dr.M.Balasubba Reddy, R&D (CBIT)



Dr.A.Supraja Reddy, R&D (CBIT)