The Must Have Guide to College Life as a First Year Engineering Student

first year student engineering Admin | January 23, 2019

Life of a first year engineering student is very eventful. Not only has the student just stepped into the college life for the first time, but he or she is still much immersed in the school life mode that they have supposedly left behind. It is easy to get caught between the two modalities, but the ultimate aim should be to get the best out of both worlds! If you are a first year engineering college student, you should try to maintain the right balance between childishness and maturity. If you can achieve this balancing act, you will sail through the 4 years effortlessly and you will have loads of fun doing it as well. However, there are a number of challenges that many engineering students face and that is why they always look for inspiring ways of dealing with those challenges. This guide to the college life as first year engineering student will surely be handy, so put your reading glasses on now!

First Year Engineering Student Survival Strategies

Keep Your Eyes Wide Shut

If you are thinking if I just made use of a famous movie’s title, you are right. But what could I possibly mean by this? Here’s what: if you are a first year student in an engineering college, your natural instinct will be to be very inquisitive. College life appears to come with infinite liberties compared to school life. You can make friends and hang out with them and basically spend your time as you please, in ways simply unthinkable in school life. However, here’s a vital piece of advice: do not try to interfere in things you don’t understand yet. Have the patience to get to the second and third years and then you can start exploring new stuff. Till that time, it is better to keep to your studies and a tightly knit circle of friends. It takes a while to get used to the social norms prevalent in an engineering college, so it is advisable to give yourself that time, as that will help you gain popularity as well as ensure peace of mind.

Be Regular in Classes

With so many cultural and fun events always happening, it is easy for a first year engineering student to lose focus from studies. Never miss classes, as that will only increase the burden later on as the semester progresses. In fact, this point is a corollary of the last one: if you find others hanging out in events around the campus, you should realize that they are probably seniors who don’t have classes at that juncture. Many first year students make the mistake of thinking that seniors bunk classes – trust us when we say they don’t, they have simply mastered the art of time management. Once you become a more seasoned engineering student, you will be able to do so as well. Till that happens, ensure that you remain consistent in the classes, as this will help clear up the concepts and reduce the need for mugging up without clarifying them in the first place. You are not being asked to become like Jack, who is a dull boy because he only works and does not play! You can and should participate in cultural and fun-filled programs of course, but only after you have done your homework and attended the scheduled lectures for the day.

Take part in study groups

If there is something on campus that you, as a first year engineering student, should definitely be participating in, it is the study groups. These groups help foster a community feeling, besides obviously helping you become more familiarized with the concepts. It may so happen that you have followed the advice in the last two points but you still failed to grasp a particular topic. This is where the seniors or even peers in your own department can help you out. Participating in study groups helps break the ice as well. As you can see, group study serves several purposes at once and you should try to make your way into one.

To conclude, the best survival strategy for a first year engineering student is this: keep your eyes wide shut, ears open, your head low and your spirits high!

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