Department of Computer Science and Engineering


  • Prepare graduates to handle computer software and hardware oriented projects for the industry.
  • Develop excellence in the field of Computer Science and Information Technology.
  • Develop Research activity and organize Ph.D programmes in the department.


  •  Teaching Staff - Qualifications and skill upgrades 
S.No. Parameters 2017-18
1  Number of Teaching Staff 43
2  Number of Professors 06
3  Number of Associate Professors 04
4  Number of Asst. Professors 33
5  Number of Doctorates 09
6  Number of Faculty members pursuing Ph.D 13
7  Number of Supporting Staff 16


  • Highly acclaimed academic institute with best student input for UG.
  • Qualified, committed and motivated faculty members.
  • Excellent ambience with state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Recognized as a research center by Osmania University to provide doctoral research.
  • Well established library with good learning resources and also with online access to International and National journals.
  • Better campus placements for the past five years with leading MNCs .
  • Department maintains 205MBPS Leased internet connection along with Wi-Fi throughout the campus and extended Wi-Fi facility to students’ hostel.
  • Well placed alumni in reputed industry and academic institutions.